In response to the national Continuum of Care NOFA issued by HUD on July 14, 2017, the NWA-CoC  has developed procedures, deadlines and ranking criteria to receive, review, and rank applications from eligible agencies interested in applying for renewal and new projects.  Today, the NWA-CoC is releasing the following documents for local agencies to use:

  1. NWA-CoC FY 2017 Request for Proposals
  2. NWA-CoC FY 2017 Renewal Intent Form
  3. NWA-CoC FY 2017 Application Packet
  4. NWA-CoC FY 2017 Budget Worksheet (Excel version)
  5. HUD Developed Grants Inventory Worksheet (GIW) for NWA-CoC FY 2017

Interested agencies should review these documents from the NWA-CoC carefully as well as the HUD NOFA and other resources from HUD (links to these resources are provided within the NWA-CoC Request for Proposals).

Technical assistance will be available to interested agencies through the following mechanisms:

>Shortly, the NWA-CoC will announce one or more session (in-person and/or web-based). We will announce details via our website and email list (you can sign up for our email list through out website:

>A national webinar was offered by National Alliance to End Homelessness on August 3, 2017, they have now posted a replay here.

>We will attempt to answer questions from interested applicants. Please send questions to both:
*John Gallagher, Chair NWA-CoC Grants Review Committee, [email protected]
* Debbie Martin, Executive Director of Havenwood (Collaborative Applicant for the NWA-CoC), [email protected]