Homeless Services

Substance Abuse

Decision Point
479-751-1060 301 Holcomb St (Fayetteville)
479-464-1060 602 N Walton Blvd (Bentonville)
8-4:30 M-F
Residential substance abuse treatment, transitional living program, Outpatient substance abuse
treatment, VA SA program, Specialized Women’s SA treatment program; washington and
benton county

Deputy Friendly
74 Ayr Dr Bella Vista
helps children of Benton County to grow up safe, drug and alcohol free; Benton County

Prevention Resource Center
614 E Emma Ave ste. 428 Springdale
8:30-4:30 M-F
community health education, substance abuse services, youth programs, information and
assistance; Madison, Benton Carroll and Washington Co

Teen Challenge Ranch
479-848-3105 888-289-6818
19778 boys home rd Morrow, ar
8:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday
8:30-11 Friday
camp for males 14-17 dealing with a substance abuse problem

VA Substance Abuse Assistance
479-443-4301 ext. 5768 479-444-5048
1100 N College Fayetteville
“SUD” Intensive Outpatient Treatment